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"Tech Teaches" -Or- "words from nerds"

So, I'm new to this blog so bare with me on the formatting- but I thought I would add an "advice article" to the series here. Working as a photographer for many years and leading/assisting workshops all over the country, I have seen a thing or two (kinda like the Farmers Insurance Commercials).

Today's advice is - "look around". I often see photographers piled up on one another all pointing in the same exact direction. It's easy to do. We enjoy talking, the time out together and the social aspect of photography is amazing! So, look around and think about your scene; where is the light coming from? Is it in front of you (generally not what we want at all)? Is it at a 45º to your back (much more preferred)? Do you even have light on your subject which I know, isn't often up to us, but think and look to see if you can you move to find the light. Below you can see two similar images- On the left is light from behind me and above illuminating the face and upper side of the wings. The right image is at sunset with the light falling low and in front of me- essentially making the eagle a shadow- this is very hard to edit or at least makes for more editing back home. Or you can use that light to your advantage and get image three :)

The next thought is perspective. As mentioned above, it's often that we are gathered together all potentially trying for a specific shot. Many times, ill break off from the crowd, its not because I'm anti-social... I'm just positioning myself for a different shot or different light. Even when in the same area together, its possible to get that "different perspective" by changing your camera angle. So many of us work at our tripod or if hand held, just at face level and we all basically have the same view. By changing the camera angle, you can get the different image as shown below.

Can you tell which one is which? These two images are taken 10min apart. The image on the left is where I changed my camera position. I dropped down as low as I could comfortably go and still control the camera. Some may prefer the image on the right where the background is less distracting but others may like the left where you are looking straight at the subject not at a down angle. There is no wrong or right here.

So, advice to you wanting to learn more about this fun (and sometimes very expensive hobby) - don't be afraid to change things up, try new angles, get dirty and go for the unique image if you can.

Let me know if you enjoy these tips and I will try and add more as we get busier now that the temperatures are getting better and the little eaglets when they hatch I am sure will bring more action to our little harbor.


Drew MacCallum


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Incredible blog Drew! Your blog is educational and encouraging—- exactly what we as BEOC photographers belives in! Thank you.

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