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Artificial intelligence- yes or no?

I took the photo that you see above. It is o.k. I guess. But it could be better. The eagle is beautiful, but the sky is dull and there are no leaves on the trees. It looks like it is going to rain, but no drops have fallen.

How do you feel about Artificial Intelligence, or more specifically the way that you can manipulate an image by using artificial intelligence?

With a few taps on the keyboard I can transport the eagle to a beach in the rain.

Getting splashed by the surf.

Or the perspective of looking through a rain splattered window.

On our face book page, we document the daily lives of the Bald Eagles of Centerport. Occasionally we get creative, but we will always let you know if a photo has been manipulated or drastically changed. What do you think of this new way of editing??

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Liz love your informative posts. You rock in my books. You need nothing special on your photos. They are crisp and tell a story without any special effects. You are a masterful photographer but you are also an artist. These are pieces of art, and yes they should be labeled as such.


Ron L
Ron L
Mar 04

At what point in editing does a photograph become not a photo but a piece of art? There's no specific answer. Most competition sites allow cropping, contrast/brightness/saturation adjustments, sharpening, but not any manipulation - no AI fun with the photo. That's fine with me for competition. For plain posting - I'd say that composite photos should be labeled composite, and other modifications, e.g., sky replacement and the like, should be labeled "AI enhanced." Nothing wrong with posting these kinds of photos, but either just say AI enhanced, or in the accompanying narrative provide details of what was done.

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