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Mom & Dad2's Journey

Updated: Mar 4

MOM AND D3 AKA DAD2 BEGAN THEIR JOURNEY AT THE VERY END OF DECEMBER 2022. HERE IS A SHORT VIDEO OF THEIR TIME TOGETHER IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. THEY BECAME A CONSISTENT COUPLE BY THE END OF FEBRUARY AFTER SEVERAL SUITORS WERE REMOVED FROM THE AREA BY D3. D3 AKA DAD2 PREVAILED! WE ARE HOPEFUL AND LOOK FORWARD TO EAGLETS THIS YEAR. HERE IS THE TIMELINE AFTER DAD PASSED IN DECEMBER 2022. UPDATED SUITOR'S LOG FROM BALD EAGLES OF CENTERPORT: D2 & D3 were seen in the area a couple of days before Dad passed (Dad passes on 12/23/22) D2 begins to hang out at the nest a day or two after Dad passes D3 (12/26/22) scares D2 off and assists Mom with the territory from the end of December until the end of January D4 shows up at the end of January and assists Mom with the territory around 2/1/23. He stays consistently in Centerport with Mom until his 2nd battle with D5 on 2/15/23. D4 mates with Mom several times before being removed from the territory. D5 enters the territory around 2/13. He battles D4 on 2/14 and 2/15 D5 stays and assists Mom with the territory until 2/15. D5 mates with Mom during his time in Centerport. Eagle Chaos ensues on February 24th when D3 & D4 return!! D3 eventually removes D4 & D5 from the area and stays in Centerport with Mom on Saturday the 25th. D5 shows back up at the nest on Sunday February per Eugene Miller's photos, mates with Mom and then disappears!!! Hmmm...where was D3 during that rendezvous? D3 stays with Mom and assists with the territory after D5 visits on Sunday the 26th. D3 By Monday the 27th D3 is the only eagle alongside Mom at the nest. D3 is still at the nest with Mom. February 20, 2024 the first egg was laid and D3 was promoted to Dad2 ****As of today 2/28/24 Dad2 and Mom have 3 eggs they are protecting and incubating. The first egg was laid on February 20, 2024, the second on the 24th and the 3rd on the 27th. Note: There have been many visitors since Dad's passing. Numerous subadults, juveniles and adults, but D3 aka Dad2 prevailed. We did not have eaglets last year but we are hopeful for eaglets this April!!!

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I fell in love with bald eagles watching Jackie and Shadow over the years and now I watch every pair I can. I learn everything I can about bald eagles. I absolutely adore them I live in Chicago and We do everything possible to make people aware of how special they are! I believe the more people know about these birds the safer these birds will be. How can you not love them!!!


What a 90 day fiancē story!!!! Let's have some healthy chicks no matter who the baby daddies are!!!

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