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Remembering last nesting season C8 & C9 (Peanut Butter and Jelly)

Looking back from this past nesting season... This was the last time I saw C8 and C9 together. It's my favorite video because all the stars aligned for me. (which rarely happens) While out looking for the eaglets (during their final moments in Centerport) I happened upon C8 and C9. A stranger saw me pointing my camera in her tree and invited me on to their deck, putting me right in front of both C8 & C9. I snapped photos and took video - so surprised by their location - I've never seen any eagles their before. After 20 minutes of being in awe - they looked at me and took off, putting on a show that I will never ever forget. They soared in front of me, BELOW me which gave me an amazing opportunity to watch them soar, I felt like they were saying goodbye. And that was it. The last time I saw them, the last photos and video - off they went onto their next adventure - together - peanut butter and jelly... And what a ride it was...Visit our Facebook page -

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