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Rob Schwartz

Rob is the founder and the administrator of the Bald Eagles of Centerport Facebook group. When he noticed that the eagles
were staying in the area and frequenting his backyard farm, his wheels started turning and he realized that he wanted to share
the lives of these birds with everyone due to the majesty and patriotism these Bald Eagles represent. As Rob proceeded to
witness the birds daily, he was drawn into photographing them alongside other photographers. Along with his lifelong affection
of wildlife, he is a beekeeper, chicken and mandarin duck keeper who loves nature and the outdoors. His love of nature was
cultivated by his father who would love to take both him and his 3 siblings camping on many occasions to enjoy the beauty of
outdoors together. Rob’s goal is to educate others about the daily lives of the Bald Eagles of Centerport on the facebook
page. He also continues to give back to the community by sharing his knowledge of beekeeping and providing hands on
experiences for children at his farm. Rob enjoys caring for the farm and photographing the eagles with his wife Elizabeth of 30
years. Rob is the proud father of 2 grown boys and the owner of a local IT/Security Systems company for over 30 years.  Visit My Company 


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