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Why you want to attend Raptor Day

Raptor Day is an annual event held on the grounds of the beautiful Vanderbilt Museum. It is a fun filled and educational day for the entire family. It is also a fundraiser for WINORR (Wildlife in need of Rescue and Rehabilitation). They are a non profit group near and dear to our hearts.

Bobby Horvath and Cathy St Pierre bring a selection of raptors that they have rescued. Bald eagles, Golden eagles, owls, falcons, and so much more. You get to hear the story of their rescues directly from the rescuers. It is inspiring. There is an art auction, face painting, a wood carver, and so much more!

This is Montana. He is a Bald eagle that was rescued, but due to his injuries, he cannot be released. Bobby and Cathy have cared for him as well as other animals for their entire lives. The cost of food, shelter, and veterinary care is astronomical.

Bobby and Cathy work closely with the DEC to provide the best care. If you have ever seen an injured animal and felt helpless, this is your chance to help the rescuers. Bobby receives calls daily for injured animals. As a matter of fact, when we found Dad (eagle) sick in the pond. Bobby was the first person we called.

It was December 22, 2022. We called WINORR. Bobby arrived within minutes and waded into a frigid pond. He suffered hypothermia, but was able to pull Dad from the pond.

We rushed Dad to the loving arms of Cathy St Pierre. She warmed him, medicated him and kept him comfortable. He passed away the following day from the Avian flu.

We happily donate all of our proceeds from Raptor Day to WINORR. Please join us for Raptor Day and help make a difference in the world.

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1 Comment

Sep 24, 2023

Extremely well said! This year will be the best one yet!

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