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WE DID IT! Bald Eagles of Centerport Day 2021

Today was incredible! So many people came out to celebrate the Bald Eagles of Centerport Raptor Day! The Vanderbilt Museum - AKA the "Eagles Nest" is an incredible location to hold our very first #BEOC Raptor day. Thank you to all who came out to support WINORR! Here is the movie we played in the carriage house! Created by Mike Dukarm / Produced by Mike Dukarm with content from both Mike Dukarm and Rob Schwartz - we hope you will enjoy!

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I want to say THANK YOU to everyone 🦅 You bring joy to many sharing your spectacular talents, your love for Eagles and wildlife in your neighborhood! A special Thank You to Rob & Mike for making this video and congratulations to all who where able to attend, warms the heart 🦅 ♥️

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