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The Unwanted visitor

Early Afternoon: February 20, 2021

Mom decided to give herself a little break and head to the spruce at Mill Pond while Dad tended to the eggs. Mom seemed to be relaxed at the spruce when all of a sudden she took off on a mission, headed past me and several photographers and quickly flew to the nest. At the nest, photographer, Scott Matheny, witnessed Dad take off from his nest duties to chase away an unwanted adult. Mom quickly arrived and took over the nest duties. Dad chased the unwanted visitor to the northeast. About 20 minutes later Dad arrived back at the nest area. He decided to relax for a while surveying their territory on the old nest tree. After some sunning, he took off and danced in the sky for a handful of photographers.

Photo 1:Mom takes off and heads to nest Photo 2:Mom arrives at the nest area Photo 3:Dad chase the unwanted visitor. Photo 4:Dad continues to chase the unwanted visitor northwest Photo 5:Dad returns after escorting the unwanted visitor away

Photo 6:Dad watches over their territory Photo 7-9 Dad dances in the sky for us!

Please click on each picture to see it full size. Thanks again Scott for assisting me with this blog. © Christine Carrion ©Scott Matheny

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1 Comment

Breathtaking photos! Thanks so much!! ❤😍🦅

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