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She stopped by today!

ya see, this is where it all started - being a beekeeper, My wife Liz and I were working the bees in my backyard - when to our wonder - we looked up because our chickens who were looking for their daily dose of worms started clucking and alerting the rest of the chickens that dangers was above. This is how this page was started - my chickens discovered the eagles sitting in our backyard - when Liz and looked up we were besides ourselves - not believing what we were seeing - A very young Mom and Dad - sitting in a tree staring at the chickens - they have never gone for them - I think they think they are amusing! Well Mom and Dad often come back to our yard for rest - and today was no different - Mom took her break by handing over egg incubation to Dad, if only for a little while - Mom came to my yard for if only for a little while - was nice to see her close!

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So wonderful Rob. She knows where to go and feel completely comfortable!!

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