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family of five

It is a privilege and a pleasure to be able to document the lives of the Bald Eagles of Centerport. This year they have been blessed with three beautiful eaglets.

Yesterday morning, I watched Mom and Dad 2 caring for their precious babies. They would fly in with a fish and patiently feed them. They took turns flying in and out to gather sticks to reinforce the nest and tasty food to feed their fast growing family.

There were plenty of cuddles...

Since they are growing so fast and like to spend time at the nest rail, Dad 2 came in with a few sticks to build it up and make sure the eaglets stay safe. Wings are flapping and the eaglets take frequent naps.

At times, the whole family was in the nest. It is a tight squeeze!!

There is some sibling rivalry, but is all in good fun.

The eaglets are learning by example and obviously adore their parents.

We will continue to follow their story. Soon the eaglets will begin branching and then flying. The summer will be spent preparing for life on their own. We will all be sad to see them go, but also happy because we got to witness the miracle of their success.

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Awesome photos and content .

Thanks Liz ! ❤️🙏🦅


Beautiful series!

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