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Eagles move through the sky primarily by soaring— they hold their wings outward and rarely flap, saving them considerable energy. Instead of flapping, they rely on rising air currents to gain altitude.

An Eagle's eyes help them to spot prey, even from great distances. Their large hooked beak is strong and powerful allowing them to capture and tear apart it's prey.

An eagle’s talons are its main hunting and feeding tools. The talons are sharp, curved nails at the end of each toe. Eagles use their talons to grip their prey and tear it apart with their powerful beak. In addition, talons help an eagle build its nest, climb a tree, perch on branches, and scratch itches.

The Bald Eagles of Centerport are special. They entertain and inspire us. They are living proof that anything is possible. A species that was almost extinct now flourishes here on Long Island and teaches us to be better human beings.

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