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Because I took 1,000 photos

These photos may all look the same to some people.

But if you look closely, you can see subtle differences. The tilt of her head, her expression, and the changes in light.

She has a very expressive face! When I took this photo, she was looking at a plane flying by.

You can almost tell what she's thinking.

Many people and dogs passed under her as she sat on her perch. They looked at me and followed my camera angle to the top of the tree. All of them looked up in amazement and we all agreed that we are blessed to live in Centerport. .

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1 Comment

Wonderful story and recount of the day. My wuestion is this: Is their nest near your back yard; or is your back yard near THEIR nesting area? 🥰 Either way, you are so very blessed to have 2 such glorious raptors living so close to you🙏🏼

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