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A spooky Halloween or Dad in a costume?

I should have gotten up this morning, but decided to sleep in (NOT a morning person) as there was a lot of action in the area this morning. A sub-adult came (4 year old?) into the area today and made itself very comfortable in the nest!! An accompanying male eagle also was with this sub-adult in the nest (Most thought or think it was Dad, I do not) Although it may have looked like Dad, after seeing photos of this eagle, I see differences in his shoulders and beak and most obvious - his behavior. Our Dad would never allow another eagle in its territory, no less in the nest! A smart eagle would never take on an unknown pair of eagles by itself. (I think Dad knew better knew enough not to pick a battle unless Mom was there to help. Mom was bathing in a near by pond, after multiple fish catches early this AM according to the photogs onsite that early.. Sooo was that Dad in a costume or an eagle passing though looking for an opportunity to snatch up a nest!?!? Either way - MOM AND DAD were seen later in the day together. Here is the only worthy photo from today!

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