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A Mother's love

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

I know that we are not supposed to attribute human characteristics to animals. There is even a name for it. Anthropomorphism is the attribution of human traits, emotions, or intentions to non-human entities. It is considered to be an innate tendency of human psychology. Personification is the related attribution of human form and characteristics to an animal.

Anyone who has ever followed The Bald Eagles of Centerport knows that is impossible. They look at each other lovingly. They kiss, they mate and they raise their young together.

During a recent rain storm I watched Mom sit on her eggs for most of the day. She spread her wings to shelter them. At 3 pm, when the rain had stopped, Dad came by to give her a break.

She arrived at Old nest tree soaked and disheveled.

She howled at the rain Gods!

She shouted over to Dad " Don't forget to roll the eggs!!"

She preened until her brood patch was clearly visibly because she knows that this is how she can keep her eggs warm

When she was almost dry, she turned to look at me as if to say, "I am stronger than the storm...:.

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1 Comment

This is stupendous Liz! The pics are just so wonderful for your blog.

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