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A day in the life of a bald eagles of centerport photographer

The day starts before dawn. A quick cup of coffee. Feed the cats, dog, ducks and chickens. Then off to the pond before sunrise.

I head to the bridge and see D3 perched in the pine. It is still dark, but pretty soon I will be looking directly into the sun and hoping that I can take a photo without too much glare.

Having struck out at the pond, I head to my back yard where I can watch the eagles in their nest from a distance.

Mom and D3 fly off, so its back to the pond...

D3 dives into the pond and pounces on a goose trapped in the ice!!

D3 is unable to carry the goose to shore, so he abandons it. It eventually breaks free from the ice and swims away.

This is a good time for a nap...

When I come back out in the afternoon I see Mom and D3 at the Old Nest Tree. Moments later they mate!!

As the light fades, I snap one or two more shots...

This is my last shot of the day and I head home to make dinner...

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Love your photos and your comments.


Thank you for this! You’re a wonderful photographer and I love your captures


Beautiful Series!

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