Fred Fahrbach

I have followed Bald eagle cams for many years and have been thrilled by these magnificent creatures. Three years ago on a Sunday morning at 8 AM my son called and said "Hey Dad there'sa Bald Eagles nest at the Chalet Motor Inn". I told him he was crazy but took the ride to check it out . OH MY GOD"; I said to myself when I saw the nest and thus my journey with this eagle family began. The next week I ran to Costco and purchased a Nikon camera and began my research for a lens to take photos. I hadn't used a camera in over 35 years but I was determined to learn. With the help and guidance of fellow photographers (who have since become friends) I began to hone my skills. It has since become my mission to document this eagle family and share my experience with others through my photographs. It is a joy meeting onlookers at the Millpond and telling them about this eagle family and just watching the joy it has brought to so many. I hope to share my eagle journey for many more years and educate those who  I meet along the way.