Robert Kaplan

I've always loved photography and cameras. It started in high school as the newspaper photographer and continued into college. It was a perk getting into on-campus concerts to take photos for the college newspaper. After graduation, I sold cameras and did wedding/event photography on weekends. Neither paid the bills and I hated wedding photography. Suddenly the hobby I loved became work so I went back to school.

I got back into photography around 2004. My first DSLR was the the Nikon D70. I've been a Nikon shooter ever since progressing with new model after new model. Around 2015, I heard about The Birding and Photo Fest in St. Augustine, FL. I took some seminars and workshops and discovered bird photography. While I've dabbled in other forms such as macro and landscape, I am combining my love of photography and nature when I'm not at my full time job as an attorney. Since then, I've been to the eastern US bird heaven known as Florida many times, with my wife Cindy and with friends. I've been published in Birds and Bloom a birding magazine and recently entered a few contests. I'm happy to say I've won a few. I also have a website at where I post my best wildlife photos which are for sale.