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Sharon W. Collins

My name is Sharon W Collins, I am new to the Craft of Photography (My first camera Sony Mirrorless in 11-2021) My favorite subjects are Wildlife and Landscapes, but I’m focused on learning all types. I enjoy learning and try to practice every day and practice editing my photos. (I am also active in a project called, check it out it’s a great learning tool) I learned of the Centerport Eagles about 2019 and followed the BEOC Facebook page and saw the incredible photos, it inspired me to want to learn and grow in Photography. Centerport is a beautiful location and very peaceful to spend time even if it is hours waiting for the capture of the day (which could be anything from an Eagle flyover to a Kingfisher)! The people you meet at the bridge are very nice and full of information about the Eagles. I love meeting new people, so if you see me in Centerport, feel free to say hello and ask me any questions about the Eagles and their story or about how to grow in the craft of Photography. 

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