Sharon Dorsey

In the aftermath of 9/11 I found myself seeking the peace and solitude of nature as an escape from the reality of that day. I discovered that there was an immense amount of wildlife and beautiful locations right here on Long Island that could soothe my soul. I began picking up my camera more each day and began capturing the amazing wildlife I observed. I thought being out there was enough until a little girl came along who would forever change my world. Four year old Sadie marched into my classroom 9 years ago with the confidence of an adult telling me how she was late because she needed to save a pigeon! Her parents Cathy StPierre and Bobby Horvath rescue and rehabilitate wildlife with their Volunteer organization WINORR, Sadie was by their side from birth. Through her eyes I found a new appreciation for all creatures great and small. I was able to get up close and personal with, and given the opportunity to photograph their education birds . My love affair with Owls and Bald Eagles was born and then a few years later we were given the amazing gift of The Bald Eagles of Centerport. I enjoy nothing better than observing and photographing this eagle family. Together with their offspring they have given countless people including myself the unique opportunity of enjoying first hand the daily lives of our National Bird while doing something we love right here on Long Island.