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Branden Kelledy

Hello, my name is Branden Kelledy. I have spent all of my 17 years with my mother and father in Ronkonkoma. Growing up my house was always filled with animals from birds, small mammals , and even a lizard. My house was known as “The Zoo” to my friends and family. I love animals especially birds, there is just something that attracts me to them. When I was a young boy I was always interested in photography as my father had a Digital Sony camera. It didn’t matter if I was playing soccer, at family get together, or at a Boy Scout event he was always taking pictures. One day I was at Army West Point football game and my father allowed me to use his camera, not knowing how to take a photo I just “sprayed and prayed” hoping I would get a good photo. Sure enough I did, from that day forward I was hooked on photography. I got my first DSLR back in 2017,a Nikon d3400. I was so excited to start taking photos with my own camera that I started taking photos of my birds in the yard. I was fortunate enough to catch a photo of a European Starling feeding one of it’s babies. One of the leaders in my Boy Scout troop was very much into wildlife photography and he persuaded me to make a Facebook account and post my photos and they were a hit! I first visited and photographed the Bald Eagles of Centerport back in October of 2018 and instantly fell in love with their majestic beauty. Dealing with several chronic illnesses and chronic pain conditions wildlife photography is my therapy and escape from the every day stresses of the world. In my opinion there is nothing better than getting outdoors, meeting great people who are passionate in the same hobby, and photographing all the diverse wildlife that we have here on Long Island.

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