Scott Matheny

Professional Eagle Lover

Very Amateur Photographer


Scott Matheny was born in Southern California when payphones were a dime for two minutes.  He recently moved back to Long Island after fourteen years in Buffalo, New York.  He began taking wildlife photos with his phone in the spring of 2020, bought a camera that summer, and purchased a refurbished zoom lens in the late fall.   He is still trying to figure out things like f-stops and shutter speed, but enjoys the challenge of photographing the world’s best animal pair, our bald eagles.  Professionally, Scott is a featured writer on, a SAG-AFTRA actor, and a college campus minister.  He wears many hats, but his favorite one is his Dodgers hat that you will see him faithfully donning every time he photographs our favorite bird buddies. He consider himself more of a visual storyteller than a photographer and believes the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”