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Steve Hyman

Steve has always been interested in both wildlife and photography, but had never really put the two together until February 2018, when he was first introduced to the Bald Eagles of Centerport by his sister. One flyover was all it took. He was hooked, and immediately convinced that a better camera/lens combination were in order! Since that time, it has only gotten better. Steve is happy to have become friends with so many nice people that enjoy the eagles as much as he does. He has also grown to appreciate the beauty of Centerport, and now views the eagles as much more than a great photographic subject. He is fascinated with the bond between Mom and Dad, and their sense of family. It has also been a total learning experience to see how the bald eagles protect their domain, interact with the other wildlife in the area, and fight to survive. The latest bonus came when his wife Linda became hooked on bald eagles. She now accompanies him on many of his eagle/raptor adventures, and they get to spend more time together enjoying the outdoors, hiking and everything that goes along with wildlife photography.

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