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Christine carrion

As a young child I was fortunate to receive my own camera as a gift. My parents encouraged me to respect wildlife growing up in a house with Cockatoos, Cocktatiels, African Greys, Eclectus Parrots and a talkative Myna bird. At the age of 21 I became a Special Educator.  Over the 34 years as a teacher I became the ‘school photographer’ and was able to capture incredible moments for parents and for colleagues during retirement celebrations. I retired from Middle Country Central School District in 2019.
While still teaching in 2008 I opened up a small photography business photographing focusing on band photography, wildlife, engagements, boudoir and portrait photography.
In 2016 I began taking photos of the stages of development during construction for DelVino Vineyards a local vineyard in Northport. Now being retired, I am the House Photographer at DelVino Vineyards. I continue to take photos of the grounds and love taking engagement, surprise proposals and event photos at the vineyard. In 2018 I became a volunteer for the North Fork Country Kids Rescue, a non-profit cat rescue organization. I am currently a trapper, foster and the NFCK photographer.  In 2017 I heard about the eagles in the neighboring town. I eagerly went to Mill Pond and began photographing them. Besides being able to witness them grow, mate, hunt, defend their territory, build and rebuild their nest and parent 7 eaglets they have become a wonderful addition to my retirement. They have given me the missing piece after retirement…also giving me wonderful friends to share this gift with. Sharing their lives and their story with all of our Facebook members is truly a gift for me. So thank you to all the members who encourage us and support our story telling. You have all made my journey as a photographer even more colorful and purposeful.  Visit me at my Professional Photography Page Soundview photography  /  For a personal Photography session on the beach -  This is where you can find my most important animal cause The North fork Country kids  cat adoption page (Please adopt a cat in need!)

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