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Britni Valdina 

I always loved photography….I grew up using polaroids and digital cameras.  I never had experience in a dark rooms or post processing of film in any way.  I am originally from East Northport, born and raised and went to Elwood School District from Kindergarten to Highschool.  I moved closer to Northport Village when I was 26 and have a small dog.  A friend of mine had said “Watch out for the Eagles; they might scoop your pooch!”


I laughed it off with confidence saying “There are no Eagles on Long Island; Hawks, for sure, but definitely no Eagles”….she told me to look it up and that there’s even a FB group “The Bald Eagles of Centerport”.  I couldn’t believe it!  They were practically around the corner.


In March of 2018, I went to check it out (thinking my Iphone 6s could capture these magnificent raptors). I arrived just in time for the hatching of their first pair of Eaglets!  My first picture was taken with my Iphone through binoculars loaned to me from a very friendly photographer, Ozzie Artpot who was nice enough to give me so much information about the pair.  That’s when it started, I got myself a DSLR Canon camera with a 150-600mm lens after realizing my Iphone wasn’t cutting it at capturing these beautiful Birds of Prey.  


I am an Estimator with Axis Construction Corporation.  Ever since this experience began and I joined the FB group, there was some exposure of my photos over time.  It turns out, Axis noticed my passion for photography & gave me the opportunity to start taking progress/completion photos of projects we built and/or renovated.  What a different aspect of photography COMPLETELY.  Ever since these Eagles became a part of my life, I have been hooked…I’ve been accruing all types of lenses and there is something new to learn every day.  I love capturing wildlife and have recently gotten into landscapes.  I enjoy the peace and serenity it brings and the people I have met and grown to love like family….let the journey continue!” 

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